Growth in outcomes reporting frameworks in Australia

Growth in outcomes reporting frameworks in Australia

The growth in outcomes frameworks in Australia is ever increasing. In the last 3 to 4 years with the introduction of DSS Data Exchange SCORE outcomes data collection has been built into Commonwealth community services reporting framework and represents the largest Government reporting tool across Australia. In various sections of community services, disability, aged care, and family services there is a growing emphasis on integrated outcomes across a whole agency as well as particular outcomes framework tools for particular components of the sector.

Some more common outcomes and assessment tools being used in the sector, for counselling and family services are as follows:

  • K10
  • DASS
  • DSS Data Exchange SCORE outcomes
  • GEM
  • Personal Wellbeing Index
  • Goal Attainment Scale
  • North Carolina Screening

It is for this reason that Community Data Solutions has been concerned for a long time about the pressures of staff at the coalface to manage multiple outcomes reporting and assessment tools while conducting their normal workload with complex and challenging clients. Moreover the growing double data entry and analysis reporting burden this situation creates, generates an additional administrative layer across your whole organisation, at a time when organisations are seeking greater efficiencies not more costly and unwieldy administrative tasks.

Community  Data Solutions, Outcomes Management tool – CommunityCI –  aims to alleviate this problem and shield agencies from the growing administrative burden these issues continue to present. CommunityCI accommodates multiple outcomes frameworks and can quickly develop new assessments templates for emerging outcomes frameworks. Data collection is available for hybrid frameworks that your organisation may develop for its own purposes. All data can be aggregated across frameworks to report on individuals and cohorts. The tool can be used standalone or integrated with the Community Data Solutions CRM.
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