CommunityCI Outcomes & Surveys

CommunityCI application is a cloud base, multi-framework, all-in-one outcomes and survey management solution. Build your own surveys and manage client outcomes online. CommunityCI is suitable for organisations wishing to collect and analyse client outcomes and survey information in a secured environment hosted in Australia.

CommunityCI Outcomes & Surveys Features

  • Application Management & Use
    • Mobile responsive user interface
    • Administrator, program manager and practitioner accounts
  • Program Management
    • Service program and streams management
    • Funded contract management
    • Program goals management
  • Outcomes Framework Management
    • Design performance measures and custom frameworks
    • Design assessment questionnaires
    • Configure scale translations to RBA, SCORE and more
    • Configure outcome indexes
    • Manage customer target groups
    • Manage customer goals
  • Outcomes Data Intake
    • Practitioner online intake of client and outcomes data
    • Practitioner import client and outcomes data from spreadsheet
    • Client online intake of outcomes data by email or SMS invitation
    • Client online intake of outcomes data by tablet kiosk
  • Outcomes Analysis
    • Analyse program outcomes collective impact
    • Analyse program outputs overtime
    • Analyse clients progress towards goals
    • Analyse changes in client circumstances during intervention
    • Develop framework specific reports using CommunityBI reporting framework (requires CommunityBI subscription)


Pricing may vary depends on implementation scope and complexity, please contact us for pricing. The following services are included:

  • Account Establishment
  • Implementation of built-in Frameworks & Scales
  • Training