NDIS Solutions

Are you concerned about your NDIS system requirements?
Are you looking for an immediate solution to NDIS reporting without re-designing all of your business processes?
Selecting and implementing the right NDIS management solution for your organisation requires a good procurement process that determines the technical aspects of the software and ensures the vendor possesses knowledge and commitment to ongoing quality service.
Due to the complexity of the NDIS management process, it is critical that organisations look well beyond the upfront costs of the software and choose a vendor that is able to deliver ongoing training and support to NDIS consultants, Service coordinators, HR coordinators and Finance officers.
In Community Data Solutions we understand the change management challenges associated with NDIS software implementation and have designed a range of services to cater for:
  • Scoping the right solution
  • Tailoring the solution to your organisation’s needs
  • Training all stakeholders to deliver their work effectively
  • Supporting the organisation post-implementation, and
  • Ensuring the software is used effectively via a strong account management process
Organisations can purchase our Express NDIS package ($10-15k) and choose to add additional components and services as required or purchase the Enterprise NDIS package ($25k+) which includes a comprehensive range of services and post-implementation onsite support to ensure your organisation, as a business, is well supported and move ahead into the NDIS with confidence.
The information below provides an overview of the features and services available for each package. For more information please contact our sales team.

NDIS Features and Services

Express Package Enterprise Package
Centralised client repository  ✔  ✔
Individualised Funding management  ✔  ✔
Support Plan & Service Booking Management  ✔  ✔
Support Plan Goals & Budget Management  ✔  ✔
Enquiries Management  ✔  ✔
Client’s Fee-for-Service  ✔  ✔
3rd Party Managed Client Services  ✔  ✔
One-on-One activities  ✔  ✔
Day Centre group activities  ✔  ✔
NDIS bulk claims compliant  ✔  ✔
Client Invoices  ✔  ✔
Referral register  ✔  ✔
Case notes report  ✔  ✔
Client Budget report  ✔  ✔
On-Line Knowledge Base  ✔  ✔
Phone Support  ✔  ✔
Assistance with first NDIA Claims upload  ✔  ✔
Account Management
Dedicated Account Manager  ✔  ✔
Project Management  Limited  Unlimited
Customisations  Limited  Unlimited
Training  1 day on-line  2 days on-site
Post-Implementation Training  ×  2 days
Existing Client Data Import  ×  ✔
Export Invoice File to Finance System  ×  ✔
Community BI NDIS Reporting Suite  ×  ✔
Rostering and Timesheet Integration with Deputy  ×  ✔
 Optional Additions
DSS Data Exchange Compliant CHSP Management
 Accommodation Management
Volunteer Management
Other modules
Monthly Licence Fees (per user, per month) up to 20 users 20+ users  100+ users
CRM Full User Licence  $60  $55  $45
CRM Lite user Licence (one day per week)  $12  $12  $12
Support Worker App  $10  $10  $10
Deputy Premium Licence  $5.50  $5.50  $5.50
Deputy Support  $5  $5  $5
Demo access available on request
For more information contact:
PH: 1800 503 981