About CommunityCI

Client Outcomes & Collective Impact

CommunityCI is an online client outcomes data collection and analysis tool. Build your custom outcomes framework and performance indicators or use one of the many built in frameworks to deliver streamlined outcomes collection and analysis processes for your social services and healthcare programs.

Select from many built in outcomes framework such as:

  • AQoL (4D & 6D Quality of Life Measurement)
  • FQoL (Family Quality of Life Measurement)
  • GH12 (Wellbeing Measurement)
  • CD-RISC (Resilience Measurement)
  • Parental Empowerment and Efficiency Measure – PEEM (Parenting Skills)
  • Outcome Rating Scale – ORS (Wellbeing Measurement)
  • Session Rating Scale – SRS (Session Feedback)
  • Child Outcome Rating Scale – CORS (Child version of ORS)
  • Child and Youth Resilience Measure – CYRM (Child Resilience Measurement)
  • Protective Factors Survey – PFS (Parenting Measurement)
  • Protective Factors Survey v2 – PFS2 (Parenting Measurement)
  • Strengths & Stressors – S&S (Parenting Measurement)
  • Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire – SDQ (Parenting Measurement)
  • Outcome Stars – All Star Instruments (Licensed Instruments from Outcome Stars)
  • Kessler Psychological Distress Scale – K10 (Wellbeing Measurement)
  • North Carolina Family Assessment Scale (NCFAS, NCFAS-G, NCFAS-R, NCFAS-RG, NCFAS-Trauma)
  • Growth and Empowerment Measure – GEM (Wellbeing Measurement for Aboriginal Population)
  • Alabama Parenting Questionnaire (Parenting Measurement)
  • Personal Wellbeing Index (PWI-A, PWI-SC, PWI-ID)
  • DASS21 (Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale)
  • DASS42 (Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale)

Outcome Instruments with SCORE Translation:

  • Carers Star – CS
  • Growth and Empowerment Measure – GEM
  • Kessler Psychological Distress Scale – K10
  • Outcome Rating Scale – ORS
  • Session Rating Scale – SRS
  • Parental Empowerment and Efficiency Measure – PEEM
  • Personal Wellbeing Index – PWI
  • Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire – SDQ

Community CI supports in-house validated instruments & self-assessment instruments translation to SCORE. For more information about SCORE translation download the SCORE Translation Matrix Paper

CommunityCI Outcomes & SurveysCommunityCI Outcomes with CRMCommunityCI for Governments
CommunityCI application is a cloud based, multi-framework all-in-one outcomes and survey management solution. Build your own surveys and manage client outcomes online.CommunityCI outcomes with CRM solution is designed for organisations seeking a client management CRM integrated with a multi-framework all-in-one outcomes and survey solution.CommunityCI for Government agencies and Peak Bodies is a 2-tier outcomes management solution designed to streamline government reporting for multiple organisations.
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