We are very excited about our product roadmap and will continue to offer innovation and diverse range of services in the near future to further enable organisations to deliver better services and efficiency.

Notification Management

June 30, 2023

Create notification campaigns and add clients to a distribution list utilising powerful search tools. The notification management tools are designed to identify clients based on activity participation criteria or common demographics and send them an SMS or Email according to their preferred communication method.

CRM Dashboard Reports

May 31, 2023

Customise your CRM dashboard with a range of reports and charts to assist you better manage your workload. Customise the report to display only the work assigned to you or to the entire team.

Pre-filled digital forms

March 31, 2023

Send your clients, workers or suppliers digital profile form, pre-filled with existing information and request they update any outdated content. The CRM imports the information and update the contact profile per information provided.

Enhanced SCORE outcomes data intake and analysis

March 1, 2023

New SCORE outcomes analysis and data intake tools offer improved user experience and reporting capabilities

CommunityBI Service KPI Dashboard

February 28, 2023

Define and track service and funding level output targets and KPIs and track them via intuitive and visual KPI dashboard via a browser or a dedicated mobile app

CommunityCI form digital authorisation & signatures

February 28, 2023

Send digital forms to stakeholders to sight and sign. This functionality enables an authorisation workflow for care plans and forms.

CommunityBI Server Upgrade

November 16, 2022

CommunityBI version 8 release offers enhanced charting and dashboard functionality.

CommunityCI – Conditional Questions

November 9, 2022

Community CI form building now supports conditional questions. This allows users to collect optional information based on the answers provided to other survey question.

Casework Intake Made Simple

August 31, 2022

Automate casework information intake by sending your new client a digital casework intake form. The system will import the completed form into the case record and notify you on completion. Digital casework intake forms support file attachments and complex applications.

Worker Portal – Client Intake

May 31, 2022

Create new clients attending group work or community events using a mobile responsive worker portal. This feature allows workers to record new participation via tablet or mobile phone with a simple quick process anytime, anywhere.

Client Registration

November 30, 2021

Community Data Solutions will release its client self registration interface. NGOs can use the tool to design a registration form and invite clients to register for services via SMS or Email invitation. This feature can be used to support remote intake and increase data reliability.

CRM global Keyword and Phrase Search tool

November 15, 2021

Search for keywords or phrases usage levels and frequency Search your client CRM for keywords and phrases to better understand the usage levels and frequency of use. Information can be used for advocacy and practitioner training.


October 31, 2021

Create NDIS, CHSP or Child Protection client surveys and service assessment. Create client, child and worker surveys and forms. Design surveys or information forms and send clients or workers requests to complete the forms online. Design surveys or service assessment forms such as service feedback, incidents, placement satisfaction and compliance or safety checks questionnaires. Forms and surveys can be completed online using a mobile phone and requests can be sent

Client Enquiries from your website

October 31, 2021

Community Data Solutions will release its client and public enquiry interface. Highly customised enquiry form that can be linked to NGO websites and allow existing or new clients to post enquiries and automatically register them in the CRM.

Multi-Factor Authentication Enabled

August 20, 2020

CDS CRM updated to support multi-factor authentication. Users can protect their account by using standard password and additional code only available on their mobile device.

Client data confidentiality

June 30, 2020

Define client data confidentiality classification for any information collected and protect your client’s privacy based on the private, legal or medical classification level configured

CommunityDS Data Warehouse

May 25, 2020

Community Data Solutions extends its reporting capabilities with data warehousing tools in 2020. The data warehouse will assist organisations to view complex reports, merge multiple data sources and take advantage of new analysis tools such as benchmarking, program and user level KPIs and improve data quality and consistency.

CommunityCI Kiosk

April 27, 2020

Community Data Solutions will release its CommunityCI outcomes kiosk solution to assist organisations to assess clients onsite, via tablet or PC while waiting for intervention services. CommunityCI Kiosk can also be used for new client registration and intake processes.

Secure File Transfer

April 20, 2020

Community Data Solutions will provide a free secure file transfer service to its CRM customers. The transfer service enables users to send or request files from their clients securely and be notified as soon as the client provides requested information.

Deputy Family Access

April 7, 2020

Deputy has enhanced their workforce management and rostering software to assist carers and family members to view upcoming appointments for their linked client. Carers can also approve worker timesheets after appointment completion. This new feature is only available on application via CommunityDS CRM integration.

CommunityCI Client Goals

December 31, 2019

Define and track client goals such as financial and health outcomes via a simple configuration interface and dedicated reporting solution

CommunityBI Data Exchange Dashboard

November 30, 2019

Track new and returning clients, case work outputs and attendance records reportable to Data Exchange to assist managers to track their progress towards successful reporting and funding agreements

CommunityCI Direct Client Assessment

November 30, 2019

Send clients service exit and other assessment questionnaires via email and aggregate data directly from clients for service analysis

CommunityCI Client Circumstance Report

November 30, 2019

Client Circumstance scale and report assist organisation to track the magnitude of change in clients’ circumstances such as employment status throughout the service.

CommunityCI Scenario based outcomes

October 31, 2019

Scenario based outcomes enables providers to show images and movie clips and conduct outcomes assessment based on client’s response to the visual content.

CommunityCI Data Exchange Compliance

March 31, 2019

CommunityCI will comply with DSS SCORE reporting requirements.

Home Care Packages

March 31, 2019

Community Data Solutions will provide functionality to manage services for the new Home Care Packages government model.

CommunityCI Knowledge Base

December 28, 2018

The CommunityCI Knowledge Base will contain Step by Step How-To articles and Frequently Asked Questions relating to CommunityCI system.

CDS CRM & CommunityCI Integration

December 22, 2018

CommunityCI will be provided to CDS CRM users in integrated mode. Create client assessments on the fly from the CRM and login to CommunityCI using your CRM credentials.

CDS CRM and CommunityBI Integration

December 21, 2018

CommunityBI will be provided to CRM users in integrated mode. View reports created in CommunityBI from within your CRM database.

CDS CRM & Deputy Integration

November 30, 2018

Community Data Solutions will release its long awaited integration with Deputy to allow support workers to track shifts and timesheets in real time.

NDIS Recurring Bookings

November 1, 2018

Community Data Solutions will implement the eagerly anticipated recurring bookings functionality. Easily create regularly recurring bookings for NDIS activities.

CDS CRM Knowledge Base

June 30, 2018

The CDS CRM Knowledge Base contains Step by Step How-To articles and Frequently Asked Questions relating to the most popular components of the CDS CRM system.

Community CI Whole of Government Option

April 30, 2018

CommunityCI can now be configured to enable multiple government agencies to use the same system. Security and permissions can be configured as required.    

CommunityBI Knowledge Base

March 31, 2018

The CommunityBI Knowledge Base contains Step by Step How-To articles, Frequently Asked Questions and tutorial videos for the CommunityBI system.

CommunityRM Support Worker Portal

March 30, 2018

Community Data Solutions in Conjunction with Deaf Society NSW have developed a mobile support worker application to track and manage service bookings and timesheets.

CommunityBI SCORE Outcomes Report

December 28, 2017

The CommunityBI – DSS SCORE Outcomes report is now available for CommunityBI and Community Data Solutions customers.

NDIS Invoicing

September 29, 2017

NDIS invoicing provides organisations with MYOB and Xero accounting package bulk invoice export tools. The package supports NDIS self managed, NDIA managed, Fee-for-Service and 3rd Party Managed debtors.

CHSP – Client Contribution and Invoices

August 31, 2017

CDS has developed a standard method to apply client contribution (co-payment) to funded activities. Client contribution defaults are configured per program and raise a payment invoice at the conclusion of each activity the client has participated in. Bulk invoices can be sent to MYOB and other accounting systems for processing.