Upfront development costs

Each CRM solution attracts upfront fees to configure the programs and customise it to your organisation’s specific needs. This work may include:

  • Software scoping
  • Software design
  • Platform Customisation
  • Development of new features and workflow
  • Training
  • Software deployment
  • Reporting software deployment
  • Data Migration

Our sales team will provide indicative costs on request.

Ongoing costs

Community Data Solutions has ongoing monthly license fees to cover hosting and support costs for the product. This also includes standard upgrades across the system. Community Data Solutions has a pricing model for ongoing licence fees is as follows:

  • Standard user license – unlimited access – $55-$60 per user per month (depends on number of users)
    higher rates apply to government portals and complex databases
  • Lite user license – one day per week access – $12 per user per month

For longer-term contracts and high user numbers CDS would consider discounts below these standard fees.
Standard users have unlimited access to the system 24/7.
Light users are charged at a reduced rate, however they have a quota which limits the number of days / quarter they can access the database.
By default, Light Users are entitled to access the database 1 day / week.