CommunityCI for Governments

CommunityCI for Government Agencies and Peak Bodies is a 2-tier, multi-tenant solution enabling governments to design outcome frameworks and collect service outputs and outcomes data from funded organisations. Government reporting is simplified by using an electronic submission process with due date controls. CommunityCI supports multiple government agencies use of a single shared platform secured by data segregation controls and customised reporting for each managed program. The value proposition of community outcomes for Government and other funded programs can be tracked in the system against the value of performance contracts. In this way Government, Consortium leads, Peak Bodies can assess the value of outcomes both qualitatively and through contract value.

CommunityCI for Governments Solution Features

  • CommunityCI Application Management & Use
    • Mobile responsive user interface
    • Government Application Manager & Program Manager user accounts
    • Create and manage funded organisations
    • Design client data intake model and demographics
    • Funded organisation, administrator, program manager and practitioner user accounts
    • Funded organisation ownership of client data
    • Government ownership of outcomes data
  • CommunityCI Program Management
    • Service program and streams management
    • Funded contract/schedule management
    • Program goals management
  • Outcomes Framework Management
    • Design performance measures and custom frameworks
    • Design assessment questionnaires using any scale
    • Configure scale translations to RBA, SCORE and more
    • Configure outcome indexes
    • Manage customer target groups
  • Outcomes Data Intake
    • Practitioner online intake of client and outcomes data
    • Practitioner import client and outcomes data from spreadsheet
    • Client online intake of outcomes data by email or SMS invitation
    • Client online intake of outcomes data by tablet kiosk
  • Government Reporting
    • Aggregated outcomes submission process for community events
    • Individual outcomes automated submission process for 1×1 intervention and small group work
  • Outcomes Analysis
    • Analyse program outcomes collective impact
    • Analyse program outputs overtime
    • Analyse changes in client circumstances during intervention
    • Develop framework specific reports using CommunityBI reporting framework (requires CommunityBI subscription)


Government and Peak Body instances of CommunityCI are highly customised. Hence pricing is established through a series of consultations and discussions. Please enquire for an initial discussion and ballpark pricing to decide if you would choose to proceed with a broader project. CDS choose not to actively tender through procurement processes for this work but price on a consultation basis.

Cost depends on custom requirements:

  • Government Account Establishment
  • Complete solution scoping process
  • Implementation of Government outcome frameworks and performance indicators
  • Implementation of built-in or custom Frameworks & Scales
  • Training & 24/7 support
  • Knowledge base online system for user support