Protect your User Account and Customers with Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your User Account and Customers with Multi-Factor Authentication

Many social media and business applications are now requiring multiple methods of verifying your identity when you login. Where previously you were only asked to enter your username and password to access your cloud apps, or your work system, it is now common to input a short code that is texted to you or generated by an app as a second step. 

This additional identity verification is known as multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA). It may seem like a hassle, particularly when you need to find your mobile phone to access the code, but it helps applications to know that you are a legitimate user and protect sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorised people. 

MFA works by requiring multiple pieces of information or identification from you. The first one is your username and password, the second is only available via your private mobile device, thus ensuring you are a legitimate user. Where usernames and passwords can be guessed or obtained by others, the code generated by your mobile phone will stop unauthorised users from accessing your account.

The reality is that traditional authentication methods no longer offer sufficient security and it is your responsibility to protect both your personal information and your client’s information by ensuring that you use the best protection available. While MFA is not a perfect solution, it makes it much harder for unauthorised users to access apps by means of targeting weak passwords.

Community Data Solutions has implemented MFA as an optional protection mechanism for its CRM. You don’t have to enable it but it is highly recommended that you do. If you decide to enable MFA you will need a mobile device and one of the mobile apps that support MFA, you can read about these requirements in our knowledge base site. We also recommend you discuss MFA protection with your organisation’s IT manager to ensure it is consistent with the agency security policy. If you have any questions about MFA or how to enable it please contact CDS support.

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