Community Data Solutions

Affordable case management solutions for the community sector

Community Collective Impact

Whole of government outcomes challenge and CommunityCI

Governments around Australia are now seeking to incorporate more effective outcomes measurement into much of their contract management work with NGO providers in Community Services. Measuring outcomes by target group; across regions; comparative cost analysis of outcomes; the successful resolution of client needs through high outcomes results; are all important components of Government evaluation and …

Secure Data

Security of client data in an ever-changing NGO environment

Data privacy and NGO’s responsibility to uphold client’s information in confidence are key topics in recent times. In Australia, data breach notifications laws have become mandatory this year and in Europe, new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into effect. Software providers and Community Sector organisations must undertake educational and technical actions to ensure they …

National Disability Insurance Scheme

NDIS price indexing due July 1st

The NDIA is expected to release an updated price guide on or around  1st July 2018. While details of specific changes have not yet been made available, organisations must ensure they have reviewed their price increase process applied in previous years, adjust the process where required and keep their customers informed to retain service quality …