Whole of government outcomes challenge and CommunityCI

Community Collective Impact

Whole of government outcomes challenge and CommunityCI

Governments around Australia are now seeking to incorporate more effective outcomes measurement into much of their contract management work with NGO providers in Community Services. Measuring outcomes by target group; across regions; comparative cost analysis of outcomes; the successful resolution of client needs through high outcomes results; are all important components of Government evaluation and planning requirements now and into the future.


Community Data Solutions, working with several Government agencies in South Australia, has developed outcomes reporting software which allows for Government agencies to develop their own outcomes templates and performance contracts within the one product. CommunityCI offers 3 levels of data management and reporting, whole of government, funding organisations (government departments) & service delivery organisation. The unique design of CommunityCI security model allows for each level to manage their programs, contracts and outcomes independently while supporting a whole of government reporting layer for common outcomes.


The CommunityCI data intake model distributes outcome questionnaires through funded agencies who record their outcomes and submit de-identified data to the funding body on a regular basis. The software is also developing direct client outcomes data collection through email and SMS and has a flexible API extending the data intake model to 3rd party software.


CommunityCI software is outcome method-neutral and is able to implement any reporting methodology from RBA to custom solution depending on the program evaluation needs of the funding organisation.


Being able to measure the value of outcomes across regions, organisations and target groups is imperative for long-term performance management and program planning. CommunityCI is a product that can be used across Government and within non-Government agencies, to achieve these goals.


To find out more about CommunityCI go to https://communityds.com.au/communityci/ or call 1800 503 891