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Productivity Commission, Outcomes and Data Management

  The Commonwealth Government has recently released it’s Productivity Commission Report entitled ‘Introducing Competition and Informed User Choice into Human Services: Reforms to Human Services’. This report seeks to review how Human Services are currently funded, managed and reported upon across all States and Territories, and how this will be done into the future in …

Challenges of a mobile workforce in managing Disability Services

Managing a mobile workforce in disability services has always been a challenge. With organisations moving to mobile timesheet and rostering systems, integrating with CRM data management systems adds to the challenge. In the new NDIS competitive low margin market, efficient online rostering and timesheeting systems are essential. One of the hidden issues is that many …

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Selecting a CRM for the NDIS

Since the introduction of the NDIS, Community Service organisations have been very much aware of the need to manage their data collection using software solutions to simplify claims management and improve client support and audibility. The software industry has responded in part to these demands, and the usual wide range of stories have emerged including …