Selecting a CRM for the NDIS

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Selecting a CRM for the NDIS

Since the introduction of the NDIS, Community Service organisations have been very much aware of the need to manage their data collection using software solutions to simplify claims management and improve client support and audibility. The software industry has responded in part to these demands, and the usual wide range of stories have emerged including failed builds, incorrect scoping of needs and unrealistic expectations on both side of the equation.

Over a number of years the Community Services sector has made it really clear to our company that they need an end-to-end solution to address these issues. A CRM is part of this picture but not the only part.

Critical to business for Community Service organisations with often a highly mobile workforce, is a combination of online systems that capture time, services delivered, travel, case notes, incident information etc. This wide range of requirements demanded a complex solution or a combination of solutions, that involve not only client information, casenotes, care plan, NDIA claims etc within a CRM, but also rostering and timesheeting systems, payroll and accounting.

Many Community Service organisations have multiple systems already in place and varying configurations of these products. These products may vary greatly in quality, price and the terms and conditions. Some products may be mandated and there is no options about moving away from them. For many organisations the appearance of the NDIS has led them to review many of their systems to work out how to best incorporate an NDIS compliant client management solution to their existing range of software. The broader question of how the whole ecosystem of software products work together, is raised through seeking NDIS compliant CRM software.

Some simple questions which may help you quickly filter the sheep from the goats when selecting a NDIS compliant software provider:

  1. How many NDIS customers does the software provider have?
  2. How long have you been delivering NDIS services in Australia?
  3. How many failed NDIS builds have you been part of?
  4. What assistance can the software provider offer with integrating with other products?
  5. Can the provider supply two referees of other successful NDIS software implementations?
  6. Can the provider offer advice and support on your internal data management systems?
  7. Does the provider have other product offering, such as the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)?

Community Data Solutions hopes this information provides further reflection for organisations transitioning into the NDIS who are seeking to make important decisions for their business future which in part will rest more heavily now on good data managements models and software products.