Challenges of a mobile workforce in managing Disability Services

Managing a mobile workforce in disability services has always been a challenge. With organisations moving to mobile timesheet and rostering systems, integrating with CRM data management systems adds to the challenge. In the new NDIS competitive low margin market, efficient online rostering and timesheeting systems are essential. One of the hidden issues is that many rostering systems in the market do not have the client as an entity, nor a client notetaking facility which is essential to this work.


Community Data Solutions is addressing this issue. We have developed an online support worker portal, an application designed for use on a smartphone or tablet, allowing critical client data and notes to be linked directly to the CRM.  Critical notes about services delivered flow in real time back to the CRM. This ensures up-to-date and accurate claims management and notes can both be recorded against the client profile and their NDIA service plan.


This Support Worker mobile application allows for scheduling of disability services and managing client bookings, usually by administration staff with full access to the CRM. Staff in the field can view their schedule for the week, including key client medical information, using the mobile phone application without direct access to the CRM. The support worker application is a fraction of the ongoing licence fees of the full CRM licence fees, making it affordable for organisations with many off-site casual and part-time workers.


To view this application, email and we will book you into one of our webinars.