Integrate Website enquiry channel with your CRM

Integrate Website enquiry channel with your CRM

A major challenge for Community Services organisations is being able to harvest general public enquiries for your services from your website. Community Data Solutions has now solved this problem for our customers and can integrate with your website to push enquiries into any Community Data solutions data system.

The tool developed is highly configurable and secure. The feature can be branded with the organisation logo and the service enquiry form configured to meet the organisation enquiry process workflow.

Some of the customisations offered with the enquiry integrated form are:

  • Collect any enquirer information required to process the enquiry
  • Configure the form to follow your preferred enquiry process
  • Add instructions in any language to assist non-English speaking customers
  • Map the form to your CRM’s enquiry triage and populate the data without any user interaction
  • Trigger new enquiry received email alert to a nominated CRM user

Community Data Solutions is looking to extend these functions in the next iteration of this service to move on to self-registration of clients.

For more information please see our video

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