Data Management of Commonwealth Home Support Programme brings new challenges to NFP’s

Data Management of Commonwealth Home Support Programme brings new challenges to NFP’s

It was with some interest I learnt in October last year of the changes to Home and Community Care (or better know as HACC) funding reporting.

The Commonwealth has recently introduced a new program – which is designed for over 65’s – replacing the HACC program entitled the Commonwealth Home Support Programme or CHSP. The challenge for HACC providers will be significant during this transition period for both receiving referrals, contract management and data reporting.

Firstly, to attract clients NFP’s from now on will need to work in collaboration with a new portal called My Aged Care. The Commonwealth assess clients for eligibility for CHSP services and then manage a referral process through the My Aged Care website, where sometimes multiple agencies are offered the opportunity to support that client. Consequently NFP’s in this space now have to manage a new more competitive referral management process in an all electronic environment.

Secondly, and more recently it has been made clear that HACC providers also need to know how to use a new reporting tool to report on these clients, through the Department of Social Services. This tool – entitled DSS Data Exchange – is an online portal which tracks interactions and services delivered to the target group. There are three methods to interact with DSS Data Exchange, direct data entry, file upload (XML), or system-to-system transfer. Most NFP’s will require their own CRM if they wish to take up the second two options and maintain control of their reporting timeframes, remove time consuming double data entry and maintain full ownership of their data. The challenge here is moving NFP’s from often paper based systems to a total electronic environment, both in receiving referrals (My Aged Care) and reporting (DSS Data Exchange).

Community Data Solutions has developed both a HACC package capturing national minimum data set reporting, and DSS Data Exchange reporting, with bulk upload file for reporting to DSS Data Exchange without having to double data entry efforts. Our DSS Data Exchange package means you only have to report 6 monthly based on an XML file that sits within the Community Data Solutions CRM.

Community Data Solutions is also beginning to tackle broader issues for CHSP providers such as scheduling, timesheets, and rostering.

If you would like to find out more about Community Data Solutions CRM offering for DSS Data Exchange reporting within the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, contact us directly on 0425 526 767

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