Working with data management systems for Agencies with some of our most disadvantaged people

One of the pleasures of supporting community organisations through our software, is our ability to work rapidly and efficiently with organisation with very specialist needs. 

One of the challenges for Community Organisations that operate residential care services and diversionary programs for people at high risk, is being able to manage two very different types of interactions:

1. Regular checks on at risk clients e.g. cases of drug and alcohol misuse 

2. Extensive case notes for complex interactions or counselling including crisis situations

Some of our recent customers have expressed a need for a flexible case management package that performs both these tasks easily. They need to record a quick note of observations/medication administered or a detailed case note relating to more complex and longer interactions with the client. We are pleased to have been able to make this modification to our system efficiently and affordably for our customers.

If you are an organisation that works in diversionary programs, prison visitor support, drug and alcohol services or even emergency foster care,  you may find this short video useful which illustrates our new case management package for these types of programs.

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