Outcomes Frameworks available in Community Data Solutions

Outcomes Frameworks available in Community Data Solutions

Community Data Solutions has flagged in previous blogs the growing expansion of outcomes frameworks across the Community Services sector. Our capacity to manage multiple frameworks within our case management tool is highly effective. We do this through our integration with CommunityCI a tool built for the core purpose  of outcomes management.

Over the last few months we have put into our CommunityCI outcomes tool the following outcomes survey templates that match the corresponding outcomes framework:

Some of the outcomes frameworks supported by CommunityCI are:

  • Victorian public health and wellbeing
  • New South Wales family and community wellbeing
  • Data Exchange SCORE framework
  • PWI – Personal Wellbeing Index Framework (Adult, Child)
  • DHHS Community Sector Outcomes
  • DASS21 (Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale)
  • S&S (Strengths and Stressors)
  • S&D (Strengths and Difficulties)
  • NCFAS (North Carolina Family Assessment Scale)
  • GEM (Growth and Empowerment Measure

More recently working with several consultancy groups we have developed our tool to capture a hybrid framework which has been matched to DSS DEX SCORE, so staff enter data once but double report.

To find out more about the CommunityCI tool and how it works with the case management environment you can view this video:

To find out more about Community Data Solutions offering in this space contact: enquiries@communtiyds.com.au or ring 1800 503 981