Software for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Software for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)


Community Data Solutions has recently noticed a spike in interest regarding the development of online customer relationship management (CRM) NDIS software solutions for Australian disability services organisations.

With the onset of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), disability services organisations have a wide range of new challenges, especially in terms of receiving payment under the new service delivery model. The new model requires disability service provider organisations to have an accurate record of service date, service type, and care plan information to track outcomes.

This change in reporting and payment methods for Australian disability service agencies will see them moving away from the current grant-funded model, from both State and Commonwealth governments.

Greg Were, Director at Community Data Solutions, explains:

Clusters of organisations are contacting us, regarding upgrading their data management systems. The change in payment method to a claim payment model is providing significant data challenge to many disability agencies, and prompting a review of all their data collection systems

We’re currently working with a number of disability service providers who understand the necessity of accessing a cloud-based, online database system, that will facilitate accurate record-keeping to ensure real-time payments under the NDIS.

Community Data Solutions believes this is a great opportunity for organisations to develop sophisticated data management systems to improve their whole agency-wide data management. Given the roll out of the NDIS is over several years, this is a critical moment for organisations to both make themselves compliant with the new claim payment model of the NDIS, while also taking advantage of the latest technologies available to improve organisational wide efficiencies.

Community Data Solutions is currently working with community organisations in several Australian states, to assist with the delivery of improved software options for data collection in this new environment.

For more information on Community Data Solutions and our work on the NDIS, start a conversation with Greg today.