Settlement Services

The Settlement Services module is ideal for organisations seeking to manage refugee counselling and intervention services in a wide range of contexts; it can be linked to group work activities and information sessions, for full case management of the client in both individual counselling and group work services. This module is fully DSS DEX compliant with an XML upload file available to avoid double data entry with DSS DEX portal directly.


Settlement Services module allows for managing services to refugee and new arrival individuals and families. The module provides functions for collecting arrival data, family members, sponsor information, visa status, demographic, language and cultural data, and exit/evaluation information. There is a documents upload function and total case management support facilities within the module. Settlement Services can be linked to our community education module to track group and community education activities for this target group. More specific reporting functions can be developed for this module based on your organisations reporting requirements for relevant funding bodies.

Key Features

  • Record case notes for all sessions, including time
  • Fully DSS DEX compliant for Settlement Services Data Exchange XML file uploads
  • Upload documents, or scanned files attached to the client
  • Capture arrival information, family members, sponsor information, visa status, language and cultural details
  • Structured for case management including activity tracking designed for CALD workers.
  • The Department of Home Affairs Framework being built into the module is now available