Client Loans

The Client Loans module allows any community service organisation to manage its funds and records in relation to any type of loan service it maybe providing the community. Typically these are no interest loans.


The module supports multiple loan accounts, providing real time reports of client repayments. The module provides the capacity to track numerous steps in any loan assessment process and can be tailored to your organisations specific loan arrangements and services.

The package is easily integrated with other like services such as DSS DEX financial counselling and Emergency Relief and Community Legal Centres. The system allows for full tracking of payments and comes with 8 management reports to manage your agencies funds and loan repayment patterns.

Key Features

  • Manage multiple loan accounts including repayments on each account
  • Provides real time reports on client repayments and loan statistics 
  • End to End tracking of all aspects of the loan process including application details, interviews, approval information and uploading any relevant documentation
  • Supports reporting to external parties