Referral Management

Incoming and outgoing referrals are tightly integrated across all our database modules. As part of your case work, quickly and easily record where you refer clients to and where referrals have come from.



The CDS CRM is designed to capture all incoming and outgoing referrals. This features integrates with all core modules and tracks all referral data against the client , their services and against the external agency involved in the referral.  The benefits of this module is it provides a birds eye view into the relationships your organisation has with both clients and external parties in terms of workflow. The modules also collect referral information for third party reporting such as DSS Data Exchange.

Key Features

  • Capture outgoing referrals. Record when and where you refer clients, along with any relevant notes
  • Capture incoming referrals. Know exactly where clients are being referred from
  • Outgoing Referrals report is available when purchasing the ‘Contacts’ or external stakeholders module