Community Data Solutions assessment software is a leading community services tool putting the power of your own assessments design in your agencies hands. The tool can be applied to any service types and had has capacity to integrate with third party tools.


Coming Soon – Community Data Solutions assessment software is an independent tool, which can be used on its own or within the CDS Data System. The software allows users to design assessment questionnaires and analyse aggregated results using its statistical analysis report and via configured third party measurement tools such as Results Based Accountability (RBA).



Key Features

  • Design your own assessments questionnaires and surveys and apply to whatever services your wish
  • Select question types from a wide range of options similar to Survey Monkey and Google Forms.
  • Send assessment links to your clients via email.
  • Fill in assessment questionnaires online using any Internet enabled device such as PC browser, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Link assessment question to third party reporting template such as RBA.
  • Filter aggregated assessment results by date range, demographics and localities.
  • Export data for wider analysis against social indicators.
  • Affordable pricing for a wide range of applications