Human Resources

This module allows capturing basic staff and if required volunteer details, emergency contact information and tracking of important HR documents. These could be related to job descriptions, contracts, tracking training and certification information, appraisals, sick / other leave records.



The module allows for integrated management of your whole organisations workforce, staff, sub-contractors, volunteers, students etc. The module allows for the core profile of the staff member to be recorded together with emergency information and key induction and training material. The module is fully searchable with export file available to design your own reports in CSV Excel for reporting or general workforce management

Key Features

  • Leave and entitlement can be managed and reported on for your staff
  • Contact information including next of kin on all staff within your agency
  • Evaluate and classify staff by tracking appraisal data and training program information
  • Manage compliance by reporting or searching on up-to-date police checks, child protection training, etc
  • Skills tracking including abilities, qualifications and licences of staff
  • Staff availability recorded against locations and service types
  • Customised functions can be developed for more tailored agency staff data collection, searching and reporting
  • Training completed function
  • Document uploads for key recording keeping of appraisals, incidents etc.

Note: The system is not a payroll system and doesn’t record timesheets but can be integrated with external payroll systems of your organisation’s choosing. A modest timesheet option maybe available on request.