Stakeholder Management

One of our most popular modules!

The Contacts module allows organisations to develop an extensive list of organisations and link them to client referrals (both incoming and outgoing). This module can link to any other module in the system providing detailed referral data for case management and reporting purposes.



Record contact details of key stakeholder organisations including key staff information. Link contact records to incoming and outgoing referral records for your clients. Record contact sessions and discussions held with stakeholders and generate reports of all joint activities held. Contact details of organisations can be exported to facilitate various methods of communication, including email distribution lists and mail outs.

Note: Some modules require this module to meet their referral reporting requirements to funding bodies.

Key Features

  • Log meetings and notes details, including time spent with external stakeholders
  • Record multiple contact details including role information against the stakeholder organisation
  • Link incoming and outgoing referral records to stakeholders and generate referrals received report for each organisation
  • Report on referral pathways