Client Management

Client Management is at the heart of the Community Data Solutions database platform. All databases include a single client record that captures client contact information and demographic details. All activities are linked to this key client profile for integrated client management.


The Client Management module is included standard in all client databases and provides a full integrated record of your clients profile and activities delivered. The client management module focuses on the client intake information of your organisation and it can be customised to your client intake requirements. It allows for restricted viewing of data or partial data exposure to assist all your staff to view the relevant information related to their work and to the clients they are working with. The system allows for easy searching on clients, duplicate check and merge features.

Key Features

  • Record client details personal information such as name, address, date of birth etc.
  • Record client relationships details such as partner & carer information, emergency contacts etc.
  • Record client demographic details such as indigenous status, ethnic background and language(s) spoken
  • Record client reporting requirements for relevant funding sources
  • Single client registry client details are entered once and available to all services
  • Schedule appointments, meetings and phone calls with the client
  • Uploads documents, scanned files and attach signed privacy policies to the client’s record
  • Fully compliant with DSS DEX reporting requirements including SLK generation and can be modified to capture specific client profile data to suit any reporting needs
  • Email and SMS notifications for sending reminder or urgent information to clients
  • Task management with calendar of work sessions being done with clients