Budget Management

The budgeting module is a flexible module which can be linked to any other module to track income and expenditure against children, families, properties etc. The modules comes with a real time one click report to give an accurate indication of the current budget status. It is not designed to replace cost centre processes you may have in your accounting systems.


The Budget management module is designed to assist your organisation to track any budget against a particular service type. It is typically used to track funding linked to children’s services, accommodation services, youth funding, and costs of group work. The module is designed to capture the total budget and all expected and actual expenditure items of the budget.

This is a highly flexible module that can be configured and applied to any activity within the CDS CRM.

Key Features

  • Reporting: On click real time Budget Report
  • Budget analysis: Includes percentage reporting on budgeted items.
  • Budget documents: All documentation associated with expenditure or income can be uploaded against the budget