The Contracts module allows you to manage the various contractual agreements your organisation has with various third parties, including funding bodies and suppliers.

It captures the key delivery requirements of various contracts, and links to other data system modules to track the progress of the contract against other delivered services.



The contracts module allows you to track the value of your contracts, expiry dates, milestones and outputs. It integrates within the broader CRM to relate contracts to programs and budgets.

The module is designed to assist senior management and CEO’s track income from contracts from a range of funding sources. It is designed also to be a tender tracking tool to keep track of prospective contracts if they are won. The module can be linked to KPI”s and to business intelligence tool for advanced reporting.

Key Features

  • Tracks funding amounts and expiry information of all contracts logged
  • Tracks outputs, milestones, outcomes, staff linked to contracts
  • Can be linked to group work, project management, external stakeholders of collaborative partners
  • CSV Excel file ad hoc searching for reporting on contract performances across the organisation
  • Tracks funding sources, funding bodies and Departmental information
  • Full document uploads for all relevant records associated with the contract