CDS enquiries module capture all general public enquiry information across an entire organisation and provides a simple workflow to assign program enquiries to relevant staff member for follow up.


The Enquiries module allows an organisation to track and capture all the data associated with a general public enquiry, whether they be anonymous, once-off enquiries or enquiries from existing clients, and tracks their pathway through to accessing other client services. The module can also track enquiries by location, funding source, and service type, and contains a reporting function to capture core statistics on all enquiries for your organisation.

Key Features

  • Record enquiry details, services requested and enquirer contact information
  • Assign the enquiry to a staff member who receives email notification for follow up
  • Capture important demographics details for each enquiry
  • Automation of turning an enquiry into a client as required
  • View enquiries report to capture trending service demand data and demographics of people making enquiries to your organisation.
  • Track incoming and outgoing referrals with each enquiry
  • Capture contact details or leave the enquiry as anonymous
  • Wait list enquiries to be tracked against program availability