Group Work

The Group Work / Community Education module is designed to assist any organisation operating forums, training and education activities group work. The module can be linked to any other module across the data system allowing for specific reporting against particular program that requires a group work capability.


This module is designed to manage group work for any community function or program. It records the program and service type of the community education activity and the functional details of each community education session, such as number of identified and unidentified attendees, activity hours and venue. This module can be tailored to record learning hours, preparation hours and evaluation information based on the needs of your organisation.

In addition to capturing quantitative data, this module can be linked to clients in the system to record who attended each session.

Key Features

  • Automated roll call to track who attends or misses each group session
  • Record multiple types of activities including training sessions, workshops and community events
  • Time tracking for all sessions held, in addition with preparation / setup time
  • Link to clients to produce a comprehensive record of all group activities attended by each client
  • Demographics information can be captured for anonymous attendees or large groups where it is impractical to get detailed information
  • Attach documents, learning resources and registration forms
  • View statistics reports including attendance and demographic analysis
  • Compliant with DSS Data Exchange reporting