KPI’s Measurement

Community Data Solutions has developed an integrated KPI Measurement platform that works across all modules installed in the database. This system allows managers to generate quantitative performance measures within program areas, specific locations, specific users or across the whole agency. These measures can be linked to contracted KPIs required by funding bodies or your organisations own strategic planning reports or Board reporting requirements.


This function of the CDS CRM system can be used to develop KPI reporting functions of your organisation such as time spent on tasks and performance tracking. Design your own reports to view time and resources used for specific tasks across all activities. Examples of configurable KPI’s are:

  • All successfully completed counselling cases closed in last month
  • Total number of brokerage services across all program areas in last 12 month
  • Total face-to-face time spent with clients at a specific location
  • Total number of hours a staff member has spent on case work
  • Total travel time across the whole organisation
  • Set and view agency wide targets
  • Real-time reporting on outputs and outcomes across programs and service types
  • Team & Staff performance tracking
  • Further configure your system to record and report custom KPI’s