Community Legal Centres

The Community Legal Centre package allows for integrated case management of all your community legal centre clients with Government reporting available.



Designed for Community Legal Centres this module records important agency data to assist in the management of day-to-day delivery of legal centre client work functions. The module is aimed at frontline lawyers and paralegals allowing them to both manage case files and provide worker advice. This includes capacity to manage time per case or advice, limitations issues, referral management, document uploads, conflict of interest issues and has the capacity to develop localised reporting needs as required. The focus of this suite of modules is an integrated workflow management system for a busy community legal centre and can be further modified to match your organisations particular workflow systems.

Key Features

  • E-Files: Full electronic file case notes (rich text format)
  • Session information. Client session data and tracking of conflict checks
  • Supporting modules. Integration with ‘like’ modules such as financial counselling, domestic violence services, gambling counselling, community education, etc.
  • Reports. Several internal reports for tracking casework and a CLSIS import file to import data into CLSIS

Please note: With the introduction of any new benchmarking by the Commonwealth, CDS remains committed to providing a benchmark data file where required to any new systems required by your State or Territory.