Gambling Counselling

Manages data arising from the provision of gambling support services, including details of gambling activities, comprehensive assessment records, and session notes. Total case management of gambling clients including cross-referencing to other counselling and anti-poverty services.


The gambling counselling package has been developed based on Government reporting requirements in SA and NSW. The package is extensive and allows for full case management of gambling clients with a capacity to link to other modules for cross-referencing. The target group focus is problem gamblers and aims to capture both one on one work and group work within the one package.

Key Features

  • Records a wide range of relationship information related to the primary gambler within the household
  • Accommodates a wide range of gambling and social emotional indexes, including Canadian Problem Gambling Index, Kesler Test, Goldney Suicidal Ideation Scale, Work and Social Adjustment Scale, South Oaks Gambling Screen
  • Records case specific information about gambling types, locations, and gambling behaviour patterns
  • Supports recording assessment information for gambling counselling pre and post client sessions
  • Supports recording case management details and document uploads