Emergency Relief

The Emergency Relief database system is designed to support both paid and voluntary staff to track all Emergency Relief provided to clients. The module is DSS Data Exchange compliant if required and manages all aspects of your Emergency Relief Program.


The module has the capability to record a wide range of emergency assistance types, different funding sources and manage data at the client level to track full profile of assistance to individuals. The reporting includes agency wide trend data on assistance types across locations, and demographics of people receiving assistance. The module is highly flexible and can be tailored to meet your agencies work flow, including flagging when a client has exceeded their assistance for any given time period.

Key Features

  • Links to other anti-poverty modules including Financial Counselling, Gambling Counselling & Client Loans
  • Audit records and reconciles purchase orders / vouchers
  • Compliant with DSS Data Exchange reporting requirements
  • View individual client assistance profile in real time across all locations and funding sources
  • Records value and type of assistance provided as well as funding source (Government or your own organisation)
  • Records multiple assistance instances at the same time
  • Track incoming and outgoing referrals