Out of Home Care/ Permanency Support Program (Foster Care)

The Out Of Home Care / Permanency Support Program (OOHC/PSP) module is designed to manage Authorised Carers (Foster Carers) and the information of the child/young person (CYP) in these placements.This module enables the service provider to accurately and safely monitor the CYP while in this placement while providing an effective overview of any arising areas of concern.


The CDS OOHC/PSP module has a function to track key placement changes or movements and can also provide sophisticated data reports for your State Government’s needs . This module also provides real time information to inform decisions that  are critical to the stability of the placement and safely and well being of the CYP in the placement. This module facilitates state government reporting requirements and in NSW the module allows for the management of carer payments. We are currently working on managing budgeting requirements for funds of children within the foster care system.

The module can also help you manage mandatory training and reporting including Risk of Harm Reports (ROSH). It is designed to provide a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach for a team of staff working collaboratively to manage all workflow issues between Authorised Carers and the CYP. The module includes data collection and retrieval on training, induction, recruitment and placement matching opportunities.

Key Features

  • Manages carer demographics (details), including recruitment, screening, probity checks, assessment and training.
  • Supports multiple placement types, multiple sibling groups, and managing carer payments and statistics.
  • Track complete carer process from enquiry, induction & training to placement monitoring and exit
  • Record relevant accommodation details, health issues, transport availability etc.
  • Support child/young person safety with robust risk management recording.  Accurately manage the intake process, record case notes, and financial activities 
  • Record vital household information relating to both the carers and the child/young person. 
  • Record key placement considerations as part of the assessment process from inquiry to to activation. Manage carer payments compliant with NSW carer payment calculation and reporting
  • Government reporting compliant with SA and NSW reporting requirements
  • Allows service providers to evidence actual information on holistic and therapeutic intervention.