Foster Care (OOHC)

The Out Of Home Care / Foster Care module is designed to manage foster carer information, foster child information and the placements for these children. The specific needs and issues of a given foster placement can be monitored to ensure quality outcomes.


CDS Foster Care module has a function to track placement changes, can provide sophisticated data reports for your State Government’s needs and provide real time information to maximise decisions required regarding placement issues. This module is currently compliant with SA and NSW foster care reporting requirements, however can be customised to meet the requirements of any jurisdiction. In NSW, the module allows for the management of carer payments, and we are currently working on managing budgeting requirements for funds of children within the foster care system.

The module can also help you manage mandatory training and reporting to child protection authorities on foster care-related issues. Designed for a team of alternative care staff working collaboratively to manage all workflow issues between foster families and foster children the module includes data collection on training, induction, recruitment and placement issues.

Key Features

  • Manages carer details, including recruitment, screening and training.
  • Supports multiple placement types, multiple sibling groups, and managing carer payments and statistics.
  • Track complete process from enquiry, induction & training to placement and exit
  • Record available accommodation details, health issues, transport availability etc.
  • Support risk Management with risk recording and searching tools
  • Record case notes intake and reporting
  • Record details of adult carers and other adults / children in the carer household
  • Record approval details, number / age & gender of children including health conditions etc.
  • Manage carer payments compliant with NSW carer payment calculation and reporting
  • Government reporting compliant with SA and NSW reporting requirements