Project Management

The project management module is a flexible module allowing for tracking of all aspects of your project both internal and external. The module records documentation and performance information and can be linked to other entities in the system such as contracts, group work, volunteers, external stakeholders etc.


The project management module is designed to track projects your organisation conducts internally or externally. The module allows for tracking the community development project progress you deliver jointly with collaborating partners or an internally. The module can be linked easily to other modules for higher level data collection and analysis. It can be linked to contracts to track contract performance where projects are involved.

Key Features

  • Links to other like modules such as contracts, external stakeholders, group programs
  • Tracks performance measures, interactions, records time and includes target group data
  • Full document uploads available to track projects paper trail

Please note: It is not linked to calendar for scheduling or high level reporting, but is essentially a repository tool, rather than a predictive time management tool.