Government Reporting Portals

Community Data Solutions provides for Government a range of options for capturing performance data from organisations they fund within the Community Services environment. These can vary from secure portals right through to integrated network of case management systems.


Community Data Solutions design, implement and support government portals used to collate data submitted by funded agencies. The data aggregated is used for statistical analysis and contractual obligation monitoring. Our cloud based government portals are accessible via the Internet and allow participating parties to submit periodical data from any device. Participating agencies can opt to purchase our fully compatible data management solutions or software developed by other suppliers to manage the funded activities.

Key Features

  • De-identified real time reporting options for funding bodies and the NGO’s they performance manage
  • Shared costing models for NGO’s and Government’s to share case management and reporting systems
  • Custom built internal Government reporting available
  • Secure data upload tools to government portal is provided to allow funded agencies to submit periodical reports