Consortium & Peak bodies CRM Solutions

If you are a peak body or consortium lead in the community services sector Community Data Solutions has some excellent consortium style data systems for aggregating client data at the peak body or lead partner level. This still allows for client confidentiality at the local level or service level, but aggregated data analysis at the higher level. Our consortium package is well-suited to DSS DEX consortium data systems with Business Intelligence features.


Community Data Solutions specialises in the design of case management and reporting CRMs for consortiums and peak bodies. Our CRM can service multiple agencies while retaining complete data segregation and ownership. Special access is provided to the consortium management to generate aggregated reports and extract de-identified data for resource and analysis purposes.

Key Features

  • Custom built modules to match your sectors needs from case management, to enquiries management and group programs
  • Business Intelligence Reporting across consortiums
  • Full document storage available at the local level
  • Full protection of client personal data at the local level
  • De-identified data available at the peak body level for analysis, research and advocacy
  • A range of pricing models available depending on the nature and size of your consortium
  • Consultancy services available to assist with identifying the most suitable model of data management for your consortium/sector
  • Integrates any CDS module for multi-organisation data capture and reporting