COVID-19 Emergency Relief Offer

Community Data Solutions as a response to the COVID19 impact is offering Emergency Relief compliant, online cloud software to assist ER organisations work remotely with their clients during the COVID19 outbreak.

The standard ER online software which is also used by CISVIC in Victoria, allows for recording client details and client demographics, managing documents, tracking assistance types and manage funding, all in an online environment. This greatly assists your organisation to work remotely and can save your clients having to line up at your agency. If you are funded by the Commonwealth it is also fully DSS Data Exchange compliant. 

Read more about our Emergency Relief Software Capabilities

Community Data Solutions can have you up and running within 5 working days if you wish. The standard build price has been slashed to allow standard software provision, assistance type configuration and online training for $1500 per agency. There is no lock in contracts so you can return to your normal way of doing things in the longer-term if you so choose. Ongoing licence fees do apply but these will be negotiable based on your situation.

If you would like to find out more email you details to or ring 1800 503 981